You can’t see the sparks for the trees.

Good afternoon.

I want to explain what’s going on here.

I love side-projects. I’ve always had side projects throughout my life. I guess some people call them hobbies. Other people call them side-hustles. That sounds too busy for me. For some reason I call them sparks.

Sparks are ideas. They begin as sparks of life and excitement and passions. Things you want to do. Not should be doing. The things that keep you excited and interesting and young at heart. Sparks that when cared for, looked after, used, practiced and fed and grown become things. These things are hobbies, or ways of earning a bit more money, or organising meet-ups. Things that help make you, you.

As I’ve said, I’ve had sparks going on all my life. And sometimes I lose track of what I’ve done, am doing, should be doing, etc…

The thing about my side-projects is that I fit them in when I can fit them in. Some sparks I’ve worked on have grown over years and when I come back to them I can’t find that scrap of paper, the file, the to-do list or calendar which shows me where I am and where I’m going next. And because I usually have a few side-projects I sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees.

Introducing sprkwd

Enter Sparkwood. Or sprkwd, as we’re calling it. You place to go to organise your side-projects. Well, my place to go, for now.

I currently have 3 projects on the go, this being one of them. They cover my passions for crafting, music and design/coding. The other two are a musical project where I create soundtracks for films and TV shows that don’t exist, and a handmade crafting side-project that seems to be focussing on linocut and woodblock printing.

So I’m using my 3rd project slot to create and design a side-project management system for managing side-projects including the side-project that I’m using to manage side-projects.

How very meta.

It’s basically going to be a highly tweaked todo / calendar scheduling / file storage / communication platform based on what I’ve learned about project management and having side-projects over the years.


I’ve got a background in project management, design, product design, coding, having a silly amount of side-projects and a love for good music and damn fine coffee, so creating something like this is a no-brainer. Plus, I’ve always wanted to run a small and lovely tech startup in a different way to funding rounds and biggest possible ever market domination and grow grow grow and sell your soul. This is a good way to go about it.

Well, that’s a possible plan.

Anyway, these updates are where you can follow along with me learning, coding, building and testing this bit of software. At some point it’ll be available for the public as well.

Which will be lovely.

Speak soon. x